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Integrative services:  hormones, nutrition, Massage/bodywork
and acupuncture to promote a life of health and wellness

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the human body isn't invincible

It’s a dynamic vessel that requires care, nourishment, and strategic treatments to achieve optimal wellness. Through a range of functional and integrative modalities, we offer services that promote relief from everyday stress, muscle aches, pain, and tension.  

From hormone replacement therapy, food & nutrition planning, acupuncture, energy healing, deep tissue massages, our team of passionate and skilled practitioners are committed to helping you feel your best. Our services are effective on their own, but complement each other beautifully to achieve pain relief, prevention, and treatment of various conditions.

Integrative Whole Body Health Center is a community of accomplished professionals. We’re firm believers that our role is to help you function better, longer, and happier. Together, we encourage positive and nurturing relationships with the body through the variety of services we offer, including hormones, supplements, massage and acupuncture.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We believe that people are more than just their lab work and we are committed to the long-term wellbeing of our patients. We’ve developed a patient oriented approach to hormone replacement therapy. Standard appointments typically last 45-90 minutes; depending on your needs.

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The Power of Touch

Touch is our first language. It’s how we receive information about our environment and connect with the body on a deeper level.  Increased levels of touch, especially in a healing space, is known to increase dopamine and serotonin into the bloodstream. Both are essential chemicals for sustaining ideal physiological functions and are known to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, decrease pain, and encourage a positive mindset. Touch has also been known to lower cortisol levels, which reduces the negative impact stress can have on the body.

A skilled touch and in-depth understanding of the human anatomy can make all the difference. Bodywork, a form of alternative medicine, is an incredibly effective and accessible way to target pain, achieve relief, and encourage natural healing.

Massage & acupuncture

Massage/Bodywork: With the long-term wellbeing of our patients in mind, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to massage. Our skilled massage therapists ensure you feel relaxed, pampered, & welcomed.

Acupuncture: Using the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our acupuncturist incorporates acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutrition therapy, cupping, electro-stimulation, & magnets into customized treatments to best address your individual needs.

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